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Sunday, October 23, 2016
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Service Adjustments

Port Authority updates its service four times each year. The most recent service updates will occur on September 25.

To view new schedules, please click on the route name below

Red Line - The Red Line will be restored following the six month closure for repairs.

Blue Line South Hills Village - The extra service to accommodate the Red Line construction is withdrawn.

1-Freeport Road – Some weekday and weekend trip times have been adjusted.

2-Mount RoyalP13-Mount Royal Flyer - All P13 trips are rerouted along Butler Street through Etna, and Route 28 to Downtown.

The Downtown routing for P13 has been changed to 9th Street – Liberty Avenue-7th Street. Route 2 and P13 will share all Downtown stops. Schedules for Route 2 and P13 have been adjusted.

P13 service along Washington Boulevard and the East Busway has been discontinued. Riders going to the East Busway can transfer Downtown to the P1.

14-Ohio Valley – A new outbound trip will depart Allegheny Station at 7:50 a.m. on Sundays. A new inbound trip will depart Ambridge Park and Ride at 8:45 a.m. on Sundays.

17-Shadeland - This route will now operate 7 days a week and the span of service will extend into the evening. Approximately half of the weekday daytime trips and all evening trips will serve Benton Avenue and Brighton Woods Road. The entire schedule is revised. Connie Drive service on weekdays will operate every 60 minutes.

18-Manchester – Service will operate during weekday peak hours ONLY. Mid-Day, evening, and weekend service has been discontinued and replaced by newly added 17-Shadeland service.

20-Kennedy - Service will return to West Carson Street. Schedule is completely revised.

21-Corapolis - Service will return to West Carson Street. Most trip times have been revised.

22-McCoy - Service will return to West Carson Street. Most trip times have been revised.

24-West Park - Service will return to West Carson Street. Most trip times have been revised.

26-Chartiers27-Fairywood - Trip times have been adjusted.  Weekend service has been increased.

39-Brookline - All days, schedule completely revised.

41-Bower Hill – The frequency of Sunday service has been increased.

42-Dormont - This temporary route is discontinued.

G2-West Busway-All Stops - This route will return to West Carson Street. Most departure times have changed. Weekend service has been increased.

G3-Moon Flyer - Outbound trips will operate along West Carson Street on the West Busway. Most departure times have changed. Morning outbound and evening inbound trips have been established.

G31-Bridgeville Flyer – This route will return to West Carson Street. Outbound service has been restored to West Carson Street on the West Busway.

28X-Airport Flyer - This route will return to West Carson Street. Many departure times have. Weekday inbound trips leaving the airport between 5:10 p.m. and 7:35 p.m. will leave five minutes earlier. Two morning round trips have been added.

67-Monroeville – Many departure times have changed. 

68-Braddock Hills – The weekday trip leaving Wilkinsburg Station at 2:35 p.m. is discontinued and replaced by a P68 leaving Downtown at 2:18 p.m., which will pass Wilkinsburg Station at 2:35 p.m.

69-Trafford – Many weekday departure times have changed.

79-East Hills -This route has been extended to provide service to Lincoln Park seven days a week. The entire schedule is revised. Extended trips are directly linked to the P17 during rush hours and to the 82 during all other times.  Riders of the 79 may continue their trip on the 82 or the P17 by remaining on the bus with no transfer required.

82-Lincoln – Most departure time have changed. All days, evening service at Gateway Center has been discontinued. Riders should board buses on Liberty Avenue at Market Square.

89-Garfield Commons - Weekend service is reinstated and many nearly all weekday trip times have changed.

91-Butler Street – A new outbound trip (to RIDC) will depart Downtown at 4:53 a.m. on weekdays.  Some morning trips to RIDC and the VA have changed. The last four evening trips will operate five minutes later at all stops.

P10-Allegheny Valley Flyer – The P10 will no longer serve the Springdale Park and Ride. Service along Pillow Avenue has been discontinued. Trips are rerouted through Freeport Road, Alpha Drive, and Route 910 between Pillow Avenue and Route 28 to provide service to a new park and ride lot at Harmar Garage. Most departure times have changed.

P17-Lincoln Park FlyerAll outbound trips will convert to a 79 trip at Lincoln Avenue and Verona Boulevard and head signs will change at that location, however, the bus will continue to serve all Lincoln Park stops up to Verona Road. Service along Frankstown Road is discontinued. Trips that are converted to P17/79 will continue to serve East Hills and Wilkinsburg.

P68-Braddock Hills Flyer – Two new outbound trips have been added and a new trip has been added leaving Monroeville Mall at 2:35 p.m.

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