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Monday, February 20, 2017
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Service Adjustments

Port Authority updates its service four times each year. The next service updates will occur on November 20.

Most North Side bus routes that were using the Ninth Street Bridge will use the Sixth Street Bridge. 

They include:

1-Freeport Road

2-Mount Royal

4-Troy Hill

6-Spring Hill

7-Spring Garden





O5-Thompson Run Flyer

P13-Mount Royal Flyer

Routes 8-Perrysville, 11-Fineview, and 12-McKnight, are exceptions. Those routes will continue to use the Ninth Street Bridge. 

7-Spring Garden - Morning trips will operate five minutes later than previously scheduled.

51-Carrick – Weekday outbound trips arriving Downtown at 6:20 p.m. and 6:40 p.m. will be converted from Brentwood Loop trips to Walmart trips.

The round trip arriving/leaving Downtown at 6:30 am is converted from a Walmart trip to a Brentwood loop trip.  Trip times are adjusted slightly. 

55-Glassport - Most departure times have changed.

57-Hazelwood – A round trip has been added to arrive Downtown at 11:45 p.m. 

59-Mon Valley – Routing prior to the Tassey Hollow Bridge closure is restored. 

60-Walnut-Crawford Village – Weekday service between Downtown McKeesport and Crawford Village is rerouted to Young-Yester via Walnut, Lysle Boulevard, Fifth Avenue, Pirl Street and Brownlee Street.

Trips to Crawford Village will no longer enter the McKeesport Transportation Center.  Riders should board across the street on Lysle Boulevard. Most departure times have changed. 

61A-North Braddock – Trips are extended to North Braddock, Verona Street and Braddock.

61B-Braddock-Swissvale – Routing prior to Tassey Hollow Bridge closure is restored. 

61D-Murray - Three stops in Oakland - at Craft, Halket, and Mckee - are added to the short weekday trips.

64-Lawrenceville-Waterfront – The frequency of weekday afternoon trips is increased. The frequency of Sunday service is increased during the day and decreased in the evening. Most departure times have changed.

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